ABTO Software’s VoIP SIP softphone SDK

VoIP SIP SDK for Windows

Development of custom SIP softphone or adding VoIP features to your software on:

  • VoIP SIP SDK for C++ / C#.NET
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Visual Basic 6.0 / VB.NET
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Delphi
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Delphi XE8 (to build Android and iOS apps)
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Wine (for Linux systems)

We offer VoIP SIP softphone SDK’s versions with support of voice-only, video, multiple lines, and video conference.

VoIP SIP SDK for Android

You can develop a custom voice-only or video SIP softphone for Android 2.3.x, 4.x, 5 with:

  • VoIP SIP SDK for Java (Eclipse)
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Java (Android Studio)

Find our sample SIP sofpthone app with 1 minute call limitation on Google Play Store.

SIP softphone can be easily re-branded, customized, or even translated into your native language.

Download our fully functional trial SIP Softphone SDK to build a custom SIP client.

VoIP SIP SDK for iPhone

You can build a custom SIP softphone for iOS 5, 6, 7, 8, using the following development environments:

  • VoIP SIP SDK for objective-C (Xcode)
  • VoIP SIP SDK for Swift

Visit App Store to evaluate our sample SIP sofpthone app. You will be able to make a call up to 1 minute.

To try to build your own custom SIP client evaluate our fully functional trial SIP softphone SDK.