SDK update (Oct 4, 2012)

Please download our latest SDK. If you are our customer you can use the same download link as before.

Have a look at our changes list:

210. Fixed registration bug when used single sip account.
211. Fixed bug with setting bridge mixer weights on short video calls.

212. Fixed log file name for multiple SDK instances.

213. Fixed cancel on outgoing call with multiple early media confirmation.

214. Added new event ‘OnReceivedSipNotifyMsg’. It allows handling all received NOTIFY message as string.

215. Redesigned existing implementation and added ability to set/use custom SSRC for outgoing audio/video streams on both incoming and outgoing calls.

216. Fixed receiving of baudot tones.

217. Added new method IAbtoPhone::RestartAudioSubsystem()
It allows selecting newly connected devices.


Development Environments:

  • Visual C++ / C++ / C# .NET
  • VB.NET / VB 6.0
  • Java
  • JavaScript / HTML / HTML5
  • Flash
  • Borland Delphi

Company details:

ABTO Software is the only owner and distributor of VoIP SIP SDK. The company also develops other products and offers software development services. Read more on